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like the king of israel': trump unleashes bizarre twitter storm day after 'disloyal' jews comment haaretz

trump after stirring controversy on tuesday doubled down on wednesday morning with a fresh attack on democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib

stephen colbert congratulates ‘filthy mouthed’ chrissy teigen for beating trump ‘at twitter and nicknames’ nydailynews

late show host stephen colbert congratulated model chrissy teigen for beating donald trump at his own game monday by labeling the president a p sy ass bitch after he attacked her on twitter that nickname went viral

the best trump 2020 election campaign slogans, brought to you by twitter the daily beast

make the russian province of america great again together we klan and more

hillicon valley: zuckerberg to meet with lawmakers | big tech defends efforts against online extremism | trump attends secretive silicon valley fundraiser | omar urges twitter to take action against trump tweet the hill

welcome to hillicon valley the hill s newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from capitol hill to silicon valley

donald trump taunts basketball's lebron james in late night twitter rant the guardian

after star criticizes president on cnn trump claims dumb host don lemon made lebron look smart which isn t easy to do

rand paul slams liz cheney as 'never trumper' amid twitter rift newsmax

amid their twitter spat on paul s call for ending the afghan war and for backing president donald trump s decision to fire john bolton as national security adviser rep liz cheney r wy was ripped by sen rand paul r ky on thursday as a never trumper

trump explodes on twitter defending kavanaugh against fresh sexual misconduct claim geo

trump again defends us sc justice brett kavanaugh over sex misconduct claim directing fire at media radical left democrats

exasperated sophia bush responds to trump's twitter attack on chrissy teigen: 'what is wrong with him? people

sophia bush a regular critic of president donald trump shared her exasperation with people over his recent attacks on john legend and chrissy teigen

trump’s twitter tit-for-tat on china trade will yield no winners arab news

donald trump unleashed his wrath via twitter on the slow progress of us china trade negotiations afp

outspoken megan rapinoe gets trump twitter treatment irishtimes

us president has criticised soccer player for comments on potential white house visit

rand paul and liz cheney compete for trump’s affections, get into ‘butt-kissing’ twitter spat the daily beast

two grown adults elected to congress have spent nearly two days battling online over who can curry more favor with president trump

trump's chrissy teigen twitter feud is as lopsided as it is revealing nbc news

trump s chrissy teigen filthymouthedwife twitter feud is as lopsided as it is revealing john legend s filthy mouthed wife didn t mince words and clapped back

stephen king bans trump from seeing 'it' as revenge for twitter blocking: 'no clowns for you, donald people

earlier this summer horror fiction master stephen king was blocked on twitter by president donald trump and now king is seeking vengeance

my heart stopped': chrissy teigen reveals what it felt like to be trump's twitter target usa today

it was a weird feeling i was really angry i think my eyes filled up with water just at the shock of it chrissy teigen said of trump s tweets

donald trump’s twitter account: a brief content analysis eurasia review

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Don't miss the last hot news about trump twitter