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trump's decision on syria has already turned into a foreign policy disaster nbc news

after trump s decision on syria hundreds of those connected to isis have reportedly escaped and turkey is using militias to assault the kurds in the area

u.s. "looking for the actual evidence" of syria chemical attack, mattis says cbs news

the president of france said there 039 s proof chemical weapons were used by the assad regime but in testimony before congress defense secretary james mattis seemed more cautious

ex-envoy brett mcgurk: trump's "total reversal" of u.s. policy on syria forced resignation cbs news

in his first television interview since resigning brett mcgurk said his quot heart is broken quot

"assad has won," ian bremmer says, as trump recalls troops from syria cbs news

republicans and democrats alike are condemning the president 039 s decision to withdraw u s forces

russia launches airstrikes after alleged poison gas attack in syria cbs news

more than 100 people stream into aleppo hospitals with symptoms pointing to likely chlorine gas attack as new violence tests fragile truce

humanitarian crisis worsens in syria as crippling assault on idlib continues cbs news

emergency workers resume the grim routine of collecting the dead saving the injured and putting out fires

isis militants vow to keep fighting as final battle in syria drags on cbs news

for weeks u s and coalition airstrikes have been battering a tiny area still held by the violent militant group

abc news issues correction for running apparent gun range footage as combat video from syria daily caller

abc news issued a correction monday after the network ran what appears to be 2017 gun range footage and reported it as combat video from syria

sec def esper defends white house move to pull more troops from syria daily caller

the white house ordered additional troops to withdraw from northern syria as turkey ramped up attacks over the weekend

gop congressman: trump’s syria abandonment aids america’s enemies — especially isis daily caller

we should clearly define our interests and goals not withdraw without a plan

trump authorizes sanctions against turkey in response to syria invasion daily caller

president donald trump announced monday that he would authorize sanctions on turkish government officials over the country s invasion of syria

trump: troops leaving syria fight isis revival in region newsmax

trump troops leaving syria fight isis revival in region

turkish ground offensive advances deeper into syria the hill

turkey is reportedly moving deeper into northern syria with its ground offensive taking over at least one village previously held by kurdish fighters on thursday

us moves british isis suspects from syria amid turkish invasion the hill

the u s has moved two british militants thought to be isis members from syria amid the turkish invasion

romney bemoans 'tragic loss of life' in syria after trump move the hill

sen mitt romney r utah called the civilian deaths reported in syria following turkey s invasion and the trump administration s removal of u s troops a tragic loss of life among friends shamefully betrayed in a tweet wednesday

Don't miss the last hot news about syria

Don't miss the last hot news about syria