north carolina election news

house adds 2 gop members after north carolina election wins boston

republican dan bishop wins narrow victory in north carolina special election nbc news

republican dan bishop defeated democrat dan mccready in a special election in north carolina s 9th congressional district a race closely watched as a measure of donald trump s re election prospects

north carolina: republican dan bishop scores narrow win in special congressional election forbes

republican dan bishop narrowly beat out democrat dan mccready to win a seat in the house of representatives in what was seen as a bellwether vote for the 2020 election

in north carolina, the last election of 2018 is also the first election of 2020 npr

a do over congressional election in north carolina may test whether suburban voters who were once reliably republican are still loyal

republicans hold on to a north carolina congressional seat plagued by election fraud vox

dan bishop s narrow win suggests that republicans need to dial up their efforts to keep the suburbs in 2020

north carolina election could offer clues on trump’s 2020 bid whdh

voters head to the polls in north carolina special election daily caller

voters of n c s 9th district headed to the polls tuesday to fill the house seat which has sat vacant since the results of the 2018 mid term election were voided

the hill's campaign report: north carolina special election poses test for gop ahead of 2020 the hill

welcome to the hill s campaign report your weekly rundown on all the latest news in the 2020 presidential senate and house races did someone forward this to you

what the north carolina election in the 9th district foreshadows about 2020 nbc news

north carolina special election in the 9th congressional district is close between democrat dan mccready and republican dan bishop that s good for dems

north carolina special election could hint at trump’s re-election prospects eurasia review

north carolina political operative charged in election fraud case nbc newyork

the political operative at the center of an election fraud scandal that has engulfed a north carolina congressional race was arrested wednesday on charges of illegal ballot handling and conspiracy

trump to hold campaign rally in north carolina day before special house election the hill

president trump s reelection campaign announced tuesday he will hold a rally in fayetteville n c on sept

pro-trump super pac mobilizing on behalf of dan bishop in north carolina’s special election daily caller

one of the largest pro trump super pacs in the u s is mobilizing on behalf of republican congressional candidate dan bishop in north carolina

trump to return to north carolina to stump for special election candidate the hill

president trump on thursday evening tweeted a forthcoming rally in north carolina in support of republican congressional candidate dan bishop

north carolina special election attracts millions from outside groups newsmax

outside groups are pouring money into a special election next month for north carolina s 9th congressional district as republicans and democrats look for a symbolic victory in an off year election opensecrets news reports

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Don't miss the last hot news about north carolina election