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david cameron resigns after uk votes to leave european union the guardian

pm announces resignation following victory for leave supporters after divisive referendum campaign

theresa may may replace david cameron as pm as she wins first election the breaking times

david cameron first tory pm in history to send daughter to state school express

david cameron will become the first serving tory prime minister to send his child to a state school after securing a place at the grey coat hospital academy

calm down, labour, david cameron was only joking express

pop star lily allen is paying tribute to her hip hop hero kanye west on her new album she has named it sheezus

was david cameron sexist when he said 'calm down dear'? express

david cameron addresses angela eagle in the house oh david how could you i have always been an admirer of this prime minister from the moment he saw his chance and grabbed it all those years ago not least because of his determination to drag his party out of the 19th century and into the 21st

david cameron book reveals views on prince charles and paul dacre the guardian

ex pm s memoir details syria frustrations and early support for eu referendum

david cameron on brexit regrets, boris johnson and the expulsion of 21 tory mps – video the guardian

david nbsp cameron nbsp has said he does not think boris johnson was right to suspend parliament and believes it was probably counterproductive

for the record by david cameron review – the prime minister who fell short the guardian

david cameron refuses to own up to his cowardice in calling the eu referendum in this long and defensive memoir

manmohan singh a saintly man but robust on threats india faced, says former british pm david cameron in memoir indiatimes

describing former indian prime minister manmohan singh as a saintly man his british counterpart and former pm david cameron says in his memoir for the record released on thursday that they got along well with each other singh had confided in him after the july 2011 mumbai coordinated bombings that i

battle for number 10: ed miliband takes most plaudits after david cameron fails to find some answers independent

labour claimed has victory after ed miliband and david cameron both faced hostile questions tonight in the first of four live tv debates with the party leaders ahead of the may election

video: boris backed brexit to advance his career - david cameron independent

read more boris johnson pulls out of press conference amid heckling as eu pledges solidarity with ireland

nicola sturgeon secretly backs david cameron independent

nicola sturgeon the snp leader has privately said that she would rather see david cameron win the general election because ed miliband is not prime minister material a leaked mem

ex-uk prime minister david cameron reveals he sought queen's help in scottish independence vote 9news

former british prime minister david cameron has revealed he asked queen elizabeth ii who is supposed to re

considered military action against pak if another 26/11 happened: manmohan singh told then uk pm david cameron times now news

in his memoirs titled for the record former uk pm david cameron also recollects his on stage hug with pm modi in 2015

david cameron sparks queen fury as he gifts snp 'proof' of royal and government stitch up express

david cameron sensationally admitted dragging the queen into the scottish independence referendum after fearing he was about to lose it

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Don't miss the last hot news about david cameron