arafat 2019 news

hajj 2019 day 2: day of arafat

pilgrims pray on mount arafat for the second day of hajj 2019 photos by ali khamg arab news


npr s robert siegel talks with robert bennet a reporter for the new york times about yasser arafat s significance to the israeli palestinian peace process the talk about his role in the palestinian authority and what his future may be now that president bush and israeli prime minister ariel sharon h


mount arafat

mount arafat

profile: yasser arafat

the life and times of one of the middle east s most iconic personalities whose cause of death had l

profiles: killing arafat

an introduction to the most prominent figures in al jazeera s killing arafat investigation

hajj 2019 day 2: heavy rain falls on pilgrims at arafat

after a hot sunny start to the day as pilgrims made their way from mina to arafat on the second day of hajj the weather suddenly changed in the afternoon with heavy rain and thunder storms

why was arafat killed?

the question is not whether arafat was murdered rather why and what interests were served by his killing

myth buster: killing arafat

al jazeera s investigations unit answers frequently asked questions about the investigation into the

france opens arafat murder inquiry

move follows allegations arising from al jazeera probe that deceased palestinian leader may have been poisoned in 2004

experts question russian arafat findings

al jazeera releases conclusions of russian probe into palestinian leader s death which say results

swiss: french arafat conclusion 'debatable

scientists from lausanne university say radon cannot be an explanation for elevated polonium levels

eid al adha 2019: everything about eid and arafat day? gulf news explains

understand why eid al adha and arafat day is important to muslims around the world

nigerian pilgrims ready to climb arafat

Don't miss the last hot news about arafat 2019

Don't miss the last hot news about arafat 2019